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The Death of Small Business

The Death of Small Business Something I think about quite a bit that gives me frequent indigestion: ‘What is happening to small business across the United States?” The U.S. small

To Extend Credit or Not?

To Extend Credit or Not? Financial industries such as Factoring, Asset Based Lending, and Purchase Order Financing make up a riskier segment of the Commercial Finance business. Companies in this

Common Start-up Mistakes?

You can find all kinds to deterrents to starting a business.  In fact, there are five times as many articles on the mistakes you will make versus the great reasons


Entrepreneurship? Essentially characterized, a business visionary is a man who recognizes a need and begins a business to fill that void. Yet, this generalized definition gives little understanding into the

Small Business Lending Code of Ethics

Small Business Lending Code of Ethics Sometimes lessons learned are lessons forgotten.  While the subprime crisis seems long ago, even today it still illuminates just how dangerous it can be

Does FinTech fit into Banking?

Many FinTech companies have the goal of selling their product directly to consumers. Most of them are financed by Wall Street related backers (hedge funds, private equity firms, venture capital

Guide to Small Business Loans

Guide to Small Business Loans Debt can often be a necessary evil. Before taking on any debt, business owners should ask themselves some important questions that include such things as:

More Than Just A Bank

Pendleton Capital is much more than just your average Invoice Factoring or Asset Based Lender. We have positioned ourselves as a provider of services that create value for today’s Entrepreneur.


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